I know, I know. We’re almost a month in already. 2016 is already up and running.

But here I am, to wish you a happy new year.

2015 was a good year. In our family, it was the Year of Doing stuff.

And we Did Stuff.

Amongst other exciting things, we had a new bathroom and kitchen, went camping, went on honeymoon, spent three months without Mr TOPP, got a dog.

Busy busy.

And in amongst that we went to work.

I love my job but it does take a lot of energy. It is the lot of a teacher to be poorly as soon as we break up for Christmas. For us music teachers it’s even worse, what with all the concerts and shows we have to do right up until the end of term.

Just after we broke up for Christmas I got shingles.


A clear sign that I was run down.

It made me think.

I have Ulcerative Colitis, a chronic condition that I manage (currently) quite well with medication. But I don’t actually let myself remember that I have it. Does that make sense?

I keep going, keep going, keep going.

Sometimes my body is telling me to stop. But I don’t listen.

Getting shingles made me stop.

I listened.

I haven’t been looking after myself properly. Before Christmas I was working non-stop to make sure our show was the best one ever. (It totally was.)

I need to stop. Be kind to myself.

So, 2016 will the year of Looking After Me.

This year I will be 39. WTAF? I’m only 19! I want to hit 40 feeling strong and raring to ¬†go, not like I want to curl up under a blanket.

Thanks to the sky blanket I am taking half an hour every day to stop and crochet, something I find relaxing after a busy day rushing around with work and Ms. I need to make time to write too. I have sadly neglected this blog, but I am hoping that it’s recent make over (what do you think?) will kick start my mojo.

I also want to start running regularly again. I have never really got back into it since my mum was ill, but I really need to. Not to run any particular distance, but to keep fit and healthy. Being able to do 30 minutes two or three times a week would be enough for me. So far in 2016 I have been running once. Still, that’s better than none.

By the time 2016 comes to an end, I want to be fitter, calmer and healthier.

Watch this space.


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