bullet journal – a year and a bit on

Way back in November 2014 I set up my bullet journal. It revolutionised my life, and my green book soon became an essential part of my day. As time went on, I developed my own system. I was using two pages to make a monthly calendar, then setting monthly, weekly and daily tasks.


November 2014

I also developed a bit of a washi tape addiction.

In November 2015, I started a new (white this time) bullet journal. This time I didn’t bother writing the key because it’s only me that writes in the book, and I know what it all means. I also decided that I would spend less time drawing a monthly calendar. Instead I would simply write the date and day down a page and add in key dates. I also started putting a different washi tape on the edge of each page (changing every month) to make it easier to find things quickly.

All was going well until just after new year, about two months into my lovely new moleskine, I left it momentarily unattended in the presence of The Dog.



Fortunately I had received an amazon voucher for Christmas, so I set about ordering myself a lovely new moleskine.

Except, in a controversial and radical move, I bought myself a Leuchtturm 1917 A5 notebook. With spotty paper.

Now, I have always been a moleskine girl. And I still love them.

But, OH MY, the Leuchtturm 1917 in Bee. You. Ti. Full.




The paper is thicker, and feels lovely to write on. And – get this – the pages are already numbered. All 249 of them.

And there is an index page already set up. So much time saved.


So, while I was initially cross with The Dog, I may have forgiven him a little bit.

He’d better not eat this one.

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