pieces of eight

On Tuesday Big M turned 8.


I’m pretty sure she was only just born.

As is our tradition, we sat down for a birthday interview. This year it took place on her birthday rather than the night before. Mostly because she is really big and does stuff in the evenings now.



Me: Good evening Big M. What is special about today?

Big M: It’s my birthday!! *big grin, complete with wobbly tooth hanging out of mouth*

Me: It is indeed. And how old are you today?

Big M: Eight.

Me: You are. That is so grown up.

Big M: *beams*

Me: How does it feel to be eight?

Big M: Good.

Me: How does it feel good?

Big M: Because I’m older.

Me: Well, obviously… What was your favourite thing about being seven?

Big M: hmmmmmm… don’t know. It was all good.

Me: That’s good to know. What are you looking forward to doing when you are eight?

Big M: Having lots of fun.

Me: Sounds good. What’s your favourite colour?

Big M: Turquoise.

Me: WHAT?! Really? That’s new! What’s your favourite number?

Big M: Eight.

Me: Yay! And you’re eight. So cool. What’s your favourite food?

Big M: Meatballs.

Me: And you had them for tea today. Yum. What’s your favourite thing to do at school?

Big M: Maths.

Me: What particular bit of maths?

Big M: Multiplication. Times tables.

Me: Cool. What about at home?

Big M: I like going to parties and hanging out with Mummy and Daddy.

Me: That’s cool. What do you like reading at the moment?

Big M: Harry Potter. I’m on the last book.

Me: Who’s your favourite character?

Big M : Hermione.

Me: Why do you like Hermione?

Big M: Because she’s clever.

Me: What do you want to be when you grow up?

Big M: A teacher.

Me: What kind of teacher?

Big M: One like Mr Wilson.

Me: So a primary teacher that teaches all the subjects?

Big M: Yes.

Me: Fair dos. Who loves you?

Big M: You. My family.

Me: Yes we do. And who do you love?

Big M: My family.

Me: Of course you do. Do you love anyone outside the family? Do you have a boyfriend?

Big M: No.

Me *sigh of relief* What’s been the best thing about your birthday?

Big M: Presents.

Me: You have had some very good presents. You’re a lucky girl.

Big M: I love the card from Little M too.


May your year be filled with magic and adventures Big M.

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