it ain’t over until the lady sings regardless of her size

On Wednesday, Big M went to a Brownie event with another pack. It was the first time that she had done something like this, and she was really excited.

When it was time to pick her up, I waited outside the hall with the other parents and listened while they finished off their games.

They were singing a song.

Nice, wholesome Brownie fun.

Until I actually started listening to what they were singing:

My name is Marilyn Monroe

I am a movie star

I’ve got an hourglass figure

And an uplift bra.

Two fat hips

Now what do you say

I’ll choose you

To come and play.


My daughter is 8.


And she is being taught a song about uplift bras and hourglass figures?

As a mum of two girls, I am so aware of the pressures put on them to look a certain way, or be a certain size.

I want the Ms to grow up confident in their bodies, whatever shape they are. And to respect others what ever shape and size they are. So far I think we’re doing ok, particularly given what Little M has put on our lightbox this week:

wise words from a 5 year old

wise words from a 5 year old

I chose to send my children to Rainbows and Brownies because a) they wanted to and b) I thought it would provide them with opportunities to develop confidence and skills outside of home and school. I had hoped that in 2016 the general ethos of the guide movement should be to empower women and girls, giving them the skills to problem solve and develop new friendships.

I know that the song was probably sung in good faith – just a bit of fun. But it’s not just a bit of fun. I teach songs to kids for a living. When I am looking for new songs I always always look at the words and make sure there are no hidden meanings regarding drugs or sex or whatever.

Maybe I am being over sensitive but I am really quite cross about it (can you tell?). Am I overreacting or is this something that Girl Guiding need to address?


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