life changes

I haven’t been here much in recent weeks. A lot has happened, and some life changes have been made.

At the beginning of the year, I christened 2016 the Year of Looking After Me. At the time I didn’t really realise quite how much looking after I needed.

I have been off work since February.

I had hit a wall. After twelve years doing a job I loved I realised that I no longer loved it. That I no longer had the energy to perform day in day out. That I no longer wanted to spend my days looking after other peoples’ children while missing out on so much of my own.

Since I have been off, several members of my family have said that they had been worried about me for a while. That they had wondered how long I could maintain the crazy, frantic life we had.

Turns out that it wasn’t very much longer.

Last week I handed my notice in. The relief I felt was enormous. My head teacher has been incredibly supportive, as have my friends and colleagues.

But the time has come to move on. To make life changes. To look after me. Properly.


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