now she is six

Six years ago finally got Little M out after 8 days of early labour. I may or may not have forgiven her. Anyhow, now she is six it is time for my annual “where did my baby go?” type lamentations. And last night, her birthday interview.


Me: Hey Little M!

Little M: *blinks*

Me: Hello…

Little M: Hi Mum…

Me: So, how old are you today?

Little M: Five.

Me: And how old are you going to be tomorrow?

Little M: SIX!!!

Me: SIX?! That’s amazing. What’s been the best thing about being five?

Little M: Errrrr…Hmmmm…Don’t know.

Me: What was the best thing that happened when you were five?

Little M: Umm…Having a little bit longer in Reception after I was five.

Me: Really? Being in Reception? Not going to Rome? Going camping? Getting a dog?

Little M: OOOOH! Yeah! Rome. And The Dog. And camping.

Me: They are all cool. And what are you looking forward to doing when you are six?

Little M: Moving to Year 2.

Me: That is exciting. So grown up. What’s your favourite colour?

Little M: Pink and red.

Me: What’s your favourite number?

Little M: ONE HUNDRED!!!!

Me: Why do you like 100?

Little M: Because Great Gran was nearly as old as that.

Me: She was. We thought she’d get there didn’t we? What’s your favourite food?

Little M: Green pasta.

Me: Yum.


Me: I thought so. What’s your favourite chocolate?

Little M: Twixes.

Me: Twix? You’ve never had a twix have you?

Little M: I have. I sometimes get them at the green shop.

Me: *blinks* I did not know. So, who do you love?

Little M: IZZY!

Me: Anybody else?

Little M: Nope.

Me: Oh. And who loves you?

Little M: IZZY!

Me: Anybody else?

Little M: Nope.

Me: Oh. Ok. What’s the best thing about Daddy?

Little M: He’s funny and crazy like me. And he’s nice.

Me: Yup, he is a bit of a loon. I think that’s where you get it from. What’s the best thing about Big M?

Little M: She lets me sleep on her bunk beds when people come to stay.

Me: That’s kind. What’s the best thing about The Dog?

Little M: *squeaks* he’s so cute!

Me: He is. And what’s the best thing about Mummy?

Little M: She’s so funny because she gives me – what is this called? – a interview!!

Me: That is funny. And what is the best thing about you?


Me: Pardon?!

Little M: HAHAHAHA I love… Coz I kissed a tree!!!

Me: What? You kissed a tree?!

Little M: Yes. You made me say sorry to it and then I kissed it!

Me: Is that the best thing about you? Kissing a tree?!

Little M: *roars with laughter*

Me: Ahhhh you loon… So, what do you want to be when you grow up?

Little M: Oh, I did not think about that.

Me: Well think about it now. What might you like to be?

Little M: Umm… a teacher.

Me: What would you like to teach?

Little M: Ummm, you know like Mr B. does? Like that.

Me: Like teaching year 1?

Little M: Teaching a year group. I don’t mind which one.

Me: Ok. That’d be cool. What are you learning about at the moment?

Little M: Pirates in Topic, Lost and Found in English and in maths quarters and halves.

Me: Amazing stuff. What have you learned about Pirates?

Little M: They like to have a bottle of rum when they’re on the sea!

Me: HA!

Little M: *sings*

The pirate ship is coming

I know it’s on its way

the pirate ship is coming

I see it in the bay.

A skull and crossbones on the mast

Oh what a noisy CREW

The pirate ship is coming

and it’s heading for me and you.

Yo ho ho and a bottle of rum

Pirates like to have some fun

Yo ho ho and a salty breeze

As we sail the seven seas!

Me: Great song! Shall we sing another song tomorrow?

Little M: YES! *sings*

Happy Birthday to you

You’re a hundred and two!

Me: HA! I don’t think we’re going to sing that for a while. You’re only six aren’t you? Or are you 102? Have I got that wrong?

Little M: I’m six!

Me: Phew! That’s alright then.

Little M: I wish I will get to 102.

Me: Well maybe you will.

Little M: I’ll be the only one.

Me: Well, hang on. Some of us might make it before you.

Little M: Well, yes. You might. And Daddy. And Big M. Well you’ve got a long way to go.

Me: I do.

Little M: Big M has longer to go.

Me: That is very true.

Little M: I have the furthest to go.

Me: You’ve got to aim big haven’t you. Shall we aim for 100?

Little M: YAY!


Happy birthday Little M. You lovely, lovely loon.

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