slowing down

Since making some pretty major life changes I, and all the TOPP household have been enjoying life slowing down.

I have been spending some time sorting the house (it’s currently a building site but will be worth it in the end), clearing the garden, walking the dog, enjoying the brief summer we had last month with the Ms. I’ve even started listening to The Archers.

Mostly, I am just enjoying having time.

Time to do all the jobs that we haven’t done for years because we’re too tired.

Time to go to the park after school.

Time to myself.

slowing down

Part of life slowing down involves me finding something that I can do that fits around the family. Something that allows me to go to sports days and assemblies, but that also keeps me occupied and motivated.

For a few years now, I have used sewing and crochet as a way of relaxing after a hard day at work. Parts of our house resemble a haberdashery store, much to Mr TOPP’s frustration.

One of the building/DIY projects currently underway is a disused waste land outside our bathroom. This is going to become my creative space. Somewhere I can sew and crochet to my little heart’s delight. I’m so excited – I have big plans. Some of which are probably pie in the sky, but you’ve got to dream big, right?

I’ve decided to open an etsy store (there’s a limit to how many blankets one family needs, right?). You can find Rosie and Bright here. I’ve even got a shiny new blog to go along with the store. And a Facebook page. Like I said, I’ve had a lot of time on my hands 😉

I’m excited about the future. My mum always said that life had a funny old way of unfolding. I am looking forward to finding out where it takes me next.



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