quotes of the week

Little M: Mum, you know there’s a place called Anne Boleyn?

Me: Really?

Little M: Yeah. We’ve been learning about places. There’s London, Paris and Anne Boleyn.


Big M: Why can’t we just say we don’t want to leave Europe?

Me: I did. That’s what a vote is for. But more people said they wanted to leave than wanted to stay.

Big M: Well that’s stupid. We should say we’re not going to.

Me: But we live in a democracy, which means everyone gets a chance to say what they think, and the side that has the most votes wins. That’s why it’s always important to vote.

Big M: Well then we should find a different way, not live in a democracy.

Me: But this way is fair. If we didn’t live in a democracy we would live in a place where one person makes up all the rules and we could get into a lot of trouble if we didn’t follow them. At least this way we are all allowed a say.

Big M: Yeah, ok. Democracy is best. But we don’t have to agree with the decision do we?

Me: No. No we don’t.


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