slowing down. again.

Today is the first time in over a year that I have felt like sitting down and blogging. Since I took the decision to leave work, I have been busy slowing down, spending time with friends and family, and starting a little business. Life is no longer about rushing from one place to the next, but more about enjoying what we’re doing. I like that.

That doesn’t mean that we’ve been taking things easy. Oh no. There have been some major life changes here at TOPP Towers. Two weeks ago we relocated to Oxfordshire for Mr TOPP’s work. If I hadn’t left work last year the decision to move would have been much, much harder.

Deciding to uproot the entire family after twenty years in Birmingham was not a decision we made lightly. We’ve all been through ALL the emotions: excitement, sadness, worry. Now we’re here though, we are glad that we took the plunge. It’s not that we don’t miss our friends (we do) but this move is somehow a new start for all of us.

My mum always said that life has a funny old way of working out.



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