country living

I am a city girl, having spent all 40 of my years living in various cities across the country. Four weeks ago we moved to the countryside. It is beautiful here and I know that we will be very happy, but adapting to country living is going to take some time. The biggest culture shock has been the noise. Or rather the lack of it. Pretty much all my life, if I woke up to silence outside that meant it had either snowed or it was Christmas day. Now it’s just standard.

We’ve gone from having everything we need, from doctors to take aways, on our doorstep to having one village shop that we need to remember shuts at 6pm. That’s it. Its a twenty minute drive to the nearest town, and by town, I mean big village. So far it hasn’t been a problem, apart from on our first Friday when we decided to order pizza for tea, and by the time the delivery place decided we lived too far away to deliver Mr TOPP and I had both had a beer. Dagnammit.

One of the biggest changes in our lives is our proximity to nature. When we lived in Birmingham we were very lucky to live just across the road from an amazing park. We often saw squirrels and heard the woodpecker hammering the trees. Other than the spiders that often invaded our house, that was our daily dealings with nature. Here, we see Red Kites flying over head while we eat lunch in the garden, mice and frogs in the fields. We can hear sheep from our house and there’s a horse living down the road.

Generally we are loving all the nature around us. The only downside (so far) is the size of the spiders. Oh, and that one time the dog found a dead, decomposing deer to roll in. That wasn’t so pleasant.

Be thankful you didn’t smell him.

Overall though, this country living lark is pretty good. We can open our back gate onto the fields which is great for the dog walks. The Ms have been allowed to go to the park on their own to meet their friends. My favourite thing though has to be the fact that they can go outside on their bikes and ride happily up and down the road completely safely.

Yup. I’m pretty sure that country living is going to be just fine.

As long as I can keep the dog away from dead deer.

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