2018: going plastic free

For a while now, Mr TOPP and I have been trying to shop responsibly. We started by trying to shop local as much as we could, visiting our local green grocers and butchers instead of buying pre-packaged food at the supermarket. As someone who sells on etsy, we have also been trying to shop small where we can, supporting independent businesses. Over the last couple of years, we have increasingly become concerned about the amount of plastic we use. Like a lot of the UK, we watched Blue Planet 2, and (apart from the stunning photography) the main thing we took away is the undeniable damage that plastic is doing to our planet. With that in mind, we are making 2018 the Year Of Going Plastic Free.

We’d already started making some changes in our life. Last summer, Mr TOPP bought some metal straws so that we can say no to the disposable plastic ones AND keep the kids happy when we go out (I mean, who doesn’t love a straw, eh?). Not long after we moved, we signed up with our local milkman, and we now get our milk in glass bottles.

Over the last few weeks, I’ve been quietly working my way through our house, working out what we can change to minimise our plastic usage. It has been quite depressing, as I have realised how much of our lives involve plastic in one form or another. So much of our shopping comes in unnecessary plastic wrapping. For example, we made the switch from liquid hand soap to bars of soap. I specifically chose bars that came in cardboard boxes, only to find that the bars of soap were also wrapped in plastic INSIDE the sealed box. WHY?

I’m taking that as a kick up the bum though, I like a good challenge. Going plastic free isn’t going to be easy, but I’m determined that as a family we will cut down substantially. We have already made some positive changes (and we’re only 15 days in to the year), and I’ll be blogging about the changes we’re making over the next few months.

So, as we start our mission, I’d love to know if you have any tips on going plastic free? Any product recommendations?

If we all make small changes, hopefully we can have a big impact on the future of the environment.


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