winter wonderland

Tweet This winter has been one of the worst in the UK for years. Apparently. This last week we have had the biggest snowfall since 1982. In our garden we had about four inches. I know in most countries where snow is a regular occurrence this is NOTHING, but here? It’s enough to shut schools and businesses […]

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happy holidays

Tweet When I saw Mrs Soup’s you capture post a couple of weeks ago, I got gingerbread envy. My daughter is only 22 months old, and has never cooked before. We decided not to run before we could walk and stuck to gingerbread snowmen and christmas trees. We have not stopped eating for the last […]

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oh christmas tree

Tweet We finally put the christmas decorations up last weekend. At nearly twenty two months old, my daughter is just starting to understand that things are different at this time of year. She helped put the decorations on the tree. Because we want to help save the earth where we can, we tried having a […]

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welcome to my world

Tweet Recently I have been getting up at ridiculous o’clock EVERY day to go to the bathroom. Sorry it’s blurry, but would you look at the time? Stupid pregnancy bladder. All because of the very real, increasingly wriggly life* growing inside me. I can put up with the interrupted sleep though, because in six months […]

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still? life?

Tweet This week’s you capture challenge was still life. As soon as I read that I had flash backs to year 9 art and a bowl of apples. I was RUBBISH at art, and my fruit bowl really isn’t that pretty. With a nineteen month old, life is rarely still. At least until nap/bed time. […]

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