red and yellow and pink and green. orange and purple and blue…

I don’t tend to wear many colourful clothes. Mostly I live in black, grey or brown. Especially for work. However, I love wearing stupid colourful socks inside my boots. Knowing I have them on makes me feel less grown up and sensible while I teach my lessons and do grown up stuff like buying a new house.

One of my christmas presents was this notebook.

Since selling our house last week and having an offer accepted on the house we want, this book has become my lifeline. In times of stress I make lists. It’s how I cope, and right now I cannot cope without this book.

I mentioned before that we have fairy lights up all year round, not just at christmas time. Most of the lights are white, but the ones in our living room are multi coloured. They hang from the bookshelves and give the room a warm cosy glow. Although now I look closely I notice the green ones aren’t working. Dagnammit.

And finally, being British, I need my tea. Currently I can only have one cup a day as it seems to send the baby doo-lally. I just finished this cup…

and am now being beaten from the inside.

Yesterday as I left work I saw the MOST AMAZING sunset. The sky was incredible pinks and purples and it was bee-yoot-ifull. Typically I had forgotten my camera so I can’t prove it to you. Annoying.

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love is all around

Seven years ago, way back when we spent our Friday nights out with friends and our Saturdays finding hangover cures, my boyfriend gave me this bracelet for my birthday.

He is awesome at choosing jewellery. It is simple, yet different and I love it. Always have. It rarely leaves my right arm.

If I do take it off it probably means our daughter is teething and needs to chew on it. It is the perfect size and shape to fit in the back of her mouth, and being silver it is hard and cold on her gums. Now she loves it too. If you look closely, you can see teeny tiny teeth marks which makes me love it even more.

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winter wonderland

This winter has been one of the worst in the UK for years. Apparently. This last week we have had the biggest snowfall since 1982. In our garden we had about four inches. I know in most countries where snow is a regular occurrence this is NOTHING, but here? It’s enough to shut schools and businesses and dominate the 24 hour news coverage, just in case you missed it had snowed. Last year we had a snow event, this year it’s a veritable snow-fest.

Snow across Great Britain

I can’t take credit for that one. Apparently it was taken by some guy called Nasa.

My daughter has never really experienced snow before. At nursery they took her sledging. She cried. But only because they weren’t quick enough to get her back up to the top. That’s my girl. I was sad that we didn’t get to share her first sledging experience, but it turns out that sledging + pregnant ladies = bad idea. Who knew?

I love the world when it’s white. Everything looks so clean and magical.

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happy holidays

When I saw Mrs Soup’s you capture post a couple of weeks ago, I got gingerbread envy. My daughter is only 22 months old, and has never cooked before. We decided not to run before we could walk and stuck to gingerbread snowmen and christmas trees.

We have not stopped eating for the last week. I have the excuse that I am eating for two, and I have made sure my baby isn’t going to starve. I am a good mother. On the big day itself, we had a fantastic nut roast. My boyfriend’s granny is 88 and this was her first vegetarian christmas. I didn’t think she’d like it as I always had her down as a turkey/goose kind of girl. I was wrong and she wolfed it down.

I would love to take credit for the deliciousness in this picture, but I can’t, so I won’t. It was delicious though.

My daughter certainly caught on quick to the whole present opening thing. Not surprising as she has four sets of grandparents and had three christmases. She is a very luck little lady. One of the thousands of gifts she received was an Upsy Daisy doll. Upsy Daisy is Iggle Piggle’s best friend, which bodes well.

In the car on the way home, my daughter took her first ever photo of Upsy Daisy’s skirt…

She’s obviously a photographer in the making. *ahem*

We spent our christmas week touring the family, eating, drinking and catching up with each other. Christmas is the one time of year when we can pretty much guarantee we get to see the whole family and I love it.

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* or at least that was the plan. That’ll teach me for being organised and efficient.

oh christmas tree

We finally put the christmas decorations up last weekend. At nearly twenty two months old, my daughter is just starting to understand that things are different at this time of year. She helped put the decorations on the tree.

Because we want to help save the earth where we can, we tried having a fake tree once, but it just wasn’t the same. Last year we bought a little tree in a pot (we had tried to grow our own from seed but that was a DISASTER!). Somehow, despite us, it survived the year to come back in. I really like the idea that this tree will grow with us as our family grows.

Our house is full of fairy lights all year round.

My boyfriend says we’ll have to explain to the kids that when mummy and daddy were little you only had them at christmas. Despite the fact that we have them up all year, there is something special about the lights on a tree.

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a spoonful of sugar

Last Thursday I turned 16 weeks pregnant and I received my weekly email from the baby centre telling me what’s happening in my tummy. When I read that my baby was the size of an avocado, I knew what my you capture picture was going to have to be.

Now I am 17 weeks and the baby is almost definitley bigger I think I can eat the avocado. Somehow it felt wrong before…

Today was a pretty rubbish day work-wise for me. As I can’t have a glass of wine I am easing the pain with cola bottles.

Since I ingested an awful lot of some sugar the little avocado sized being in side me has been jumping around like a mad thing. That (and the cola bottles) makes me happy again.

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welcome to my world

Recently I have been getting up at ridiculous o’clock EVERY day to go to the bathroom. Sorry it’s blurry, but would you look at the time? Stupid pregnancy bladder.

stupid o'clock

All because of the very real, increasingly wriggly life* growing inside me.

14 weeks 5 days

I can put up with the interrupted sleep though, because in six months time I will have another one of these.

teeny toes

Life is good.

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*do you see what I did there? Real. Life. Geddit?

turns out i'm a techie

When I was younger, people who were into technology were known as geeks. I was never a geek. I knew nothing about computers or anything vaguely electrical. How times have changed. Now I have absolutely NO IDEA how people lived in a world before cars, mobile phones, dishwashers, t’interweb, baby monitors. Turns out I am a geek after all.

I can vaguely remember the days when I had no mobile phone, but now? If I leave it at home, I may as well have chopped my arm off.


I have naturally curly hair, so would be LOST without these.

these stop me being a frizzball

My boyfriend has always been the cook in the family, so washing up was traditionally my job. When we bought our house, the fact that it had plumbing for a dishwasher was a HUGE plus point.


My favourite piece of technology though, without doubt, has to be the machine that let me see this on Tuesday…


Now that’s just magic.

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still? life?

This week’s you capture challenge was still life. As soon as I read that I had flash backs to year 9 art and a bowl of apples. I was RUBBISH at art, and my fruit bowl really isn’t that pretty.

With a nineteen month old, life is rarely still. At least until nap/bed time. When my daughter is asleep I the world can – albeit briefly – slow down and catch a breath. Once the trail of destruction has been cleared up that is.

stacking cups


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